Data analysis software


Terminal emulation software

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Data analysis software

Data simulator for CRS1000 and CRS1000/B

Description: This Excel worksheet allows you to examine the precision of the cosmic-ray soil moisture probe as a function of elvation, latitude, number of channels and several other parameters.

CRS1000_event_simulator_rev1.xlsx (110 kb)


Latest firmware version

(Link to firmware removed Feb 22, 2015-- Please contact us for the latest firmware for your model)

How to quickly upgrade firmware using only an SD card sd card

1. Download the latest firmware by clicking on the link provided or by opening the email attachment.

2. Save the file named "QDL.BIN" to a regular SD memory card. If necessary, this can be the SD card that was already in the data logger.

Note 1: make sure the memory card is not an SDHC card.
Note 2: the file on the card must be named QDL.BIN.

3. With the data logger power turned off, insert the SD card into the SD card slot on the front of the logger.

4. Turn the power on and wait about one minute.

You can watch the flashing LED on the front of the data logger panel to check the progress of the upgrade. The cadence of the flashing LED will change from fast to slow when the upgrade is done. Also, progress can be checked using a terminal emulator and USB cable. See manual for terminal emulator instructions.

The upgrade should now be complete.

5. If you used the original SD card residing in the logger (the one containing the .INI file) to upload the new firmware, then to finish (a) turn the logger off; (b)remove the card; (c)delete the QDL.BIN file from the card, and (d) reinsert the card.

If you used a spare SD card for the upgrade, be sure to put the original card back in the data logger before attempting to collect data.

6. Remember to turn the data logger back on if you will be collecting data!


Terminal emulation software

With a terminal emulator installed on your computer you can communicate directly with any Hydroinnova data logger. Tera Term Pro is a free, open-source emulator for Microsoft Windows. The latest version can be obtained at:

Another option is Hyperterminal, which is included as a native tool on Windows version XP and earlier, but is not included in more recent versions of Windows. Hyperterminal can be obtained at:

The Hyperterminal executable can also be copied from older versions of windows, providing that such use does not violate any licensing agreements.